Alienware AW17R3-8342SLV – Powerful gaming laptop

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What is Alienware AW17R3-8342SLV? Is it just a laptop? Definitely not! It’s the mother and father of all laptops! If you don’t agree with me, please read this article and I’m sure you will change your mind. Everyone has heard of Alienware… We know they are pretty expensive and the best gaming laptops on Earth. The model we are going to talk about today makes no exception. It looks… I don’t even know how to describe it. It looks… Like any other Alienware device: fabulous! The cutting-edge case is amazing and it’s made of the most qualitative materials in the world. Just take a quick look at the pictures and you will agree with me.

This amazing device is equipped with a full American keyboard. It may not seem so “wow” for most of us, but wait for it… It’s one of the best laptop keyboards on the market. And believe me when I say that, because I have tried more than 200 laptop keyboards over the years. This one is illuminated. And it’s not just illuminated, it has more colours that you can backlit your brand-new laptop keyboard. You can also combine those colours and the show is going to be complete (literally). The touchpad is very precise and it responds instantly under your fingers.

Alienware AW17R3-8342SLV – Check price and full details

Even though it offers an extremely high performance, this model won’t heat up, like many other of its competitors on the market. The cooling system is well built and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite games all day long. An extremely fast 6th generation Intel CPU will be at your disposal, every time you want to deploy a hungry resource game. It’s clocked to 2.6 GHz and if you need more power I’m telling you that this CPU is capable to reach 3.6 GHz (in turbo mode). You’ll also have 16 GB of RAM and, believe me, it’s more than enough, considering all the specs. There’s no problem if you need more RAM, because you will be able to add extra 16 GB.

This laptop also comes with an impressive graphics card, Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M, with 4 GB DDR5 of memory. More than that, the storage space is hybrid (HDD -1 TB/SSD -256 GB). Well, let’s take a closer look at these specs. You have power, you have speed, you have lots of performers and if I have a lot of storage space. What else would you like? I know, I know… A high-end display! No problem, it’s here!

Most of its competitors on the market have 17 inch full HD displays. As I said, this is not just another gaming laptop, this is an Alienware. That’s why we’re talking about a 17 inch 4K display. This is just insane! Such a big resolution on a 17 inch screen? Yes, it’s possible and it’s available on this model. I don’t have to tell you how crisp and natural the colours are going to be and how amazing everything will look like on this display… I won’t.

Alienware AW17R3-8342SLV laptop weighs about 3.8 kg and you’ll still be able to take it with you wherever you are going. You won’t get too much battery life when you’re playing. Otherwise, the battery life is going to be medium (2.5-3 hours, as long as you are not playing heavy games). USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and card reader are also present on this gaming laptop. Windows 10 home edition comes preinstalled.

Well, what do you say? Is Alienware AW17R3-8342SLV just a laptop? The price is pretty high, but the specs are spectacular! Buy this model and the entire universe will be at your feet. It’s great looking, it screams performance and it will be your best friend every time you will play your favorite games.


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