ADATA ASD700-1TU3 Cyl – Best waterproof external 1 TB NVME SSD ever

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If you need a cheap and huge size storage unit for all of your movies, photographs, junk/wherever, the ADATA ASD700-1TU3 Cyl SSD might be the one for you. We are talking about a 1 TB solid-state drive and that’s something to write home about, considering the price tag. In the next article I will try to highlight its pros and see if you should make this purchase.

Well, this is a great value for money product. Paying less than 130 pounds for 1 TB of SSD storage? That’s something to get really excited about! Actually, it’s a real bargain! Also because we are talking about a portable SSD unit. You can literally put it into your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. It’s extremely light and portable, weighing around 100 g.

The ADATA ASD700-1TU3 Cyl SSD is IP68 dust and waterproof and MIL-81OG military grade shockproof, so it will last for many years. That’s the point, when buying a device like this. To last long and store your data in great conditions. It’s extremely easy to use… Just plug it into your laptop/desktop/tablet and you are good to go. If you are a Mac user, you have to format it to FAT32 in order to work. Android and Windows users need to use it to NTFS.

ADATA ASD700-1TU3 Cyl – Check out the price & customer reviews

Being an external SSD, you’ll connect it to a device via USB 3.1 interface. Therefore, the ADATA ASD700-1TU3 Cyl storage unit can reach speeds up to 450 Mb/s, which is fantastic. You can copy big files in no time! I don’t have such a device because I’m not traveling a lot and I don’t have important data to transfer from one place to another. But, if I would travel, this device would not miss from my fleet. Because, in these conditions, it’s a must! It’s extremely affordable, has tons of storage space, it’s light as a feather and shockproof. In my opinion, it’s a go!

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