Acer Swift 7 SF713-51 – The thinnest notebook ever

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I’m sure you will have the same reaction like I did the first time I’ve seen the Acer Swift 7 SF713-51 notebook. I was in love and I bet you will too! When you hold it in your hands, it’s just breathtaking! And no, I’m not talking about a baby, I’m talking about a very stylish and great looking ultrabook from Acer. It looks amazing, it feels fascinating, it has great specs and we are going to talk about it in this article.

Just like I said, the appearance is incredible. A combination of gold and black and a very qualitative aluminum make this gadget extremely appealing. The attention to details was Acer designers top priority and you can see that once you touch it. Everything is right where/how it supposed to be. In one word: “Perfect”! It has rounded corners and the black and gold combination is stellar. I’m sure everybody will like this model, even if you are 17 or 71.

Acer Swift 7 SF713-51 – Check full-specs & customer reviews

The design is not the only strong part of this notebook. When you open up the lid, an extremely bright and vivid screen will stand in front of your eyes. We are talking about a 13.3 inch full HD display. Exactly, full HD, which means 1920×1080 pixels. This screen is not too bright, nor too dim. In my opinion, you can even compare it to Retina displays. This is an IPS display so the viewing angles will be extremely wide (up to 178°). Yes, the images will be full of details and the contrast and brightness levels will be extremely high. More than that, the manufacturer decided to wrap this screen into a resistant Corning gorilla glass layer. So, this display is not only delivering amazing images, it’s also durable.

I don’t know about you, but I find the sound extremely important. I know, this is a very thin and ultraportable device. Nevertheless, the sound has to be at least decent (no matter what device we are talking about). Fortunately, Acer Swift 7 SF713-51 delivers a very rich and high-quality sound. It’s not something to get really excited about, but it’s above average. And that’s thanks to the Dolby Audio Premium & Acer TrueHarmony which work together to give us a special and immersive sound.

The keyboard is also a pleasure to use. It has perfect rounded keys About two, with a great travel and they are extremely soft to the touch. Surprisingly, is pretty silent and very comfortable to use. The touchpad has a big surface, supports multitouch gestures and it’s very accurate.

Well, if you’d like to purchase this model because you are a game addict… I strongly recommend you to look elsewhere, because this is not a gaming station. Indeed, it has some impressive specs, but it’s just a great looking office/regular/lightweight gaming device. Without further ado, let me tell you what’s under the hood. You’ll find a pretty powerful Intel i5 dual core CPU, clocked at 1.2 GHz. It’s not much, but it’s more than enough for your daily tasks. The RAM memory is also impressive, 8 GB and it’s making a great team with the integrated graphics cards, Intel HD graphics 615. See, it has interesting specs, but it’s not a gaming laptop.

When it’s turned on, you won’t even hear it, thanks to the SSD storage unit. You’ll have 256 GB at the disposal. In my opinion, you have enough space to store your photo collection, thousands of songs and your favorite movies. If you need more, which I’m sure that’s not going to happen pretty soon, feel free to purchase an USB flash drive.

As I said, the Acer Swift 7 SF713-51 notebook is very portable. It’s only 9.8 mm thin and weighs 1.1 kg, so you can put it into a backpack and take it with you where ever you go. Portability => high battery life! Yes, this model can go up to 10 hours of continuous activity. What more would you expect from a business model like this? Maybe the latest Windows version? You have guessed right… Windows 10 comes preinstalled on this great piece of technology. It’s user-friendly, low resource consumer and will offer you an outstanding experience. Overall, this notebook is amazing and I strongly recommend you to take a look at it. It might be love at first sight!

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